Directory Listing Form

Thank you for your interest in being listed in our directory of services. 

This is a free service we are providing to authors and will expand to other indie art programs.  If, at any time we choose to charge for the service, you will be notified at time of change to opt our of the listing service.

We will NOT share your name and email address to other companies.  You may from time to time receive an email from us to keep you up to date with any programs we offer.  We can NOT guarantee you will get any business from being listed on our site.  Any sales are handled directly by you and the person contracting your services, we will not act as a middle person, or take any commissions from the sales.

While we ask for a logo, it is not required.

Bourgeois Media & Consulting is the owner of this website and has the right to deny listings or remove people from the directory at their discretion without giving any notice to the person or company listed in the directory.

Once you have submitted the form, it will take you back to an empty form.  Please do not resubmit the information unless you do not hear from our offices in 24 hours.

Thank you,

B. Alan Bourgeois

Author Advocate/CEO