Below is the basic information we send out as a reminder of the scheduled show. We use ZOOM for the recording of the show. Therefore, you will need to make sure you have access to a PC/laptop or some other type of device that can properly display both audio and video. If you are unable to access the camera or a mic in your system, you can always purchase a portable camera with a built-in mic. They may range from $25 - $100 depending on the model you select.

If, however, you are not able to access a camera and a mic, then you will need to cancel the show and reschedule for a later date.

If you do have the camera and mic, then the ZOOM system will automatically find the tools when it downloads and opens the window to begin the connection. You are always welcome to click on the ZOOM link below at any time before the recorded date to test your system and make sure ZOOM can find the necessary tools. If you choose to do this, you will get a notice saying that the system is waiting for the host to connect. This is ok for testing your system.

The host/hostess scheduled for your show will most likely contact you before the show if their schedule permits. If they do not, don’t worry about it. Each of them has had enough practice that they will be able to address any issues, or questions as needed.

If there is a specific line of questioning you would like for us to follow, please email the questions to us by 10 AM on the day of the recording. We will NOT guarantee to follow it, but I am confident it will help us along the way.

Before you log in, please make sure you have ample light on your face. We want readers to connect to you as a person. Then make sure you have your books positioned behind you and off to your left side so that people can see the titles. This helps reinforce the visual aspect as you talk about the books. Please note that in 2021, we use approximately ¼ of the right side of the screen for our logo and for your book covers. Thus, as you set up and see yourself on the screen, please keep this in mind, so that we do not block your books or anything else you want to have shown.

Here is a video from the Authors Marketing Event 2019 that helps you better understand what to do for an interview: 


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