I am a professional photographer and I enjoy doing portraits but in this day and time will do whatever I can to make money.

I’m a book marketing consultant who specializes in online marketing. I’ve been in sales and marketing for most of my working life. Newspapers, libraries, and high tech corporations. (And one hideous job selling printing services – It’s why I decided to go to library school.)

I founded Buy The Book Marketing in 2005 after I discovered there was a real need for marketing services among local authors. After I helped a friend market her first book, my phone started ringing with referrals, always starting with the phrase, “Mary Jo gave me your number. I need some help in marketing my book…”


We have a variety of packages which we offer authors who join our program, based on their individual goals and needs.Some authors just want to list their book on our website for an additional online ecommerce stream. Other authors want the whole nine yards of membership, social media promotion and top-notch video content to drive volume sales.

Whatever your needs may be, rest assured that our team at ForBookLoversOnly.com is dedicated to introducing you to more book lovers who are in a position to purchase your books.

So don’t wait – purchase one of our packages today and let us put you front and center of as many book lovers as possible!

A weekly radio & podcast show spotlighting member authors and their books.

Create an Audiobook And get it posted on iTunes Amazon and Audible in 90 Days With Minimal Time Investment And On A Limited Budget

I'm Hearing Stories is a San Diego based Mother / Son audiobook publishing house that helps authors get their books into audiobook format in 90 days and on a limited budget - AND get it posted on the hottest platforms for audiobooks on the market including iTunes, Amazon and Audible - where audiobook listeners get their books. Their prices are not only very reasonable, they offer a 30-day full money back guarantee. Check them out by clicking "Learn More" below, or send them an inquiry at: "Info@ImHearingStories.com"

Litbreaker connects authors with potential readers through a network of top websites and blogs covering literature, books, arts, politics and culture.
Seattle Washington
Make storytime magic with Novel Effect! We create a custom soundscape of music, voices, and sound effects for your book that are voice controlled by the reader reading your physical or e-book. Then your book gets national exposure in a Shark Tank featured product where we host the soundscape.
We’re a boutique publicity firm specializing in traditional media relations, online media relations, social media services, book tour support, and brand consulting. We believe in long-term impact that goes beyond the bo, and with experts of every stripe. ok. So using every outreach tool at our disposal, we’ll connect your message to your audience, creating a personal brand that’s built to last. Headquartered in Austin, Texas since 2002, we have worked on books in nearly every genre
We want you to be more than a shooting star with 20 minutes of fame. Our goal is to help you establish momentum in the marketplace while achieving sustained media exposure as we position you as a newsworthy wordsmith or expert in your field. Our innovative efforts build lasting media relationships, increase book and product sales, create marketing opportunities, and establish credible and memorable brand awareness.
From our Dallas area studio, RJV is ready to take on any voice-over, voice-acting or audio production project imaginable.
From concept to casting, recording to post-production, Spoke Media is dedicated to creating a superlative listener experience. We craft audio productions that transfix the audience and pull them into the story. Because great stories deserve the perfect telling.
Media Coaching can be conducted in a variety of ways. Lorri usually finds it best to work with you in person. Due to the nature of crisis, that can’t always be accomplished.
We are here to connect writers and producers in order to fill the rapidly growing need for content in today's media outlet rich climate. Our unique process allows all writers to have a voice while giving movie and television producers a revolutionary way to find exactly what they want for their next project.
Affordable and professional voice over services out of Austin, Texas for all platforms of media and advertising