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Authors Interviewed 2022

Many authors know that it is always best to write what you know. But what happens when you also want to show what you know in a book?
Life throws many curves at someone, which can delay in writing their novels.
The 2022 Year of the Reader! Hostess Charlotte Canion interviews the creator B Alan Bourgeois who shares why he created the year-long event and programs for Authors and Readers.
What is a Read-A-Thon? AMI and have created a way for schools, libraries, and other nonprofit organizations to raise funds this summer by getting people to sponsor kids and adults to read.
In this episode of the Indie Beacon Show, hostess Mary Ann Faremouth talks with Max Reagan, MFA, about his career as a writing coach.
In this episode of the Indie Beacon Show, hostess Rox Burkey talks with Jeffrey S Stephens about his books and why he chooses to be an author.
Spirit can talk to people in a variety of ways.
Finding a graphic artist that does great work can be a challenge.
DJ Martin is a grumpy old woman who lives in the woods.
It is hard to believe at times that there are actual monsters in the world.
Award-Winning author C J Peterson continues to work on her Christian-based series of books for adults and new books for children.
The desire to write a novel can come at a young age, and sometimes not until later in life. In this episode of the Indie Beacon Show, hostess Charlotte Cannion interviews Julie G Connor about a walk that motivated her to begin writing, and how she continued to create a children’s book and a publishing house
What is a Techno Thriller? Authors Breakfield & Burkey talk about their Enigma Series of 12 books with host B Alan Bourgeois in this episode of the Indie Beacon Show.
What does an Environmental Scientist write about that will inspire children to grow and learn?
Cover design is one of the key aspects to getting sales for authors' books.
Learning about your family heritage can be exciting and fun. In this interview hostess, Charlotte Canion interviews Kathryn Hauisen, about her family legacy and how it dated back to the Mayflower.
Woman helping Woman is what Elle Ballard and various books are about.
A father’s love can take on many forms.
We all have experienced moments of frustration over one thing or another.
Former Navy man Mark Piggott had the joy of sailing around the world and discovering new and exciting things.
Following your dream while incorporating others’ ideas that they have for you can create conflict or art.
Patricia Le Foll is a French woman who began her writing career at age 18 when her first book was published while she was a student.
Life can take a person on many roads that are planned and unplanned.
A thriller can be written in a variety of ways. In the case of Gary Youngling’s books, he has written from firsthand knowledge
A child’s experience can have a great impact on the child, their family, and others.
Sharon K. Middleton has written several romance novels.
April N Coker spent most of her adult life as a teacher, while her husband worked for a local Zoo.
Like many authors, they are motivated by an idea, a thought, something that inspires them to create their book. In this episode of the Indie Beacon Show, hostess Mary Ann Faremouth talks with Derek Pickett about his love of dancing and poetry and how they inspired him to write his book of poetry in Lost in the Dance.