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Authors Interviewed 2019

Genealogy can be an exciting way to discover more about one’s family past.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show 163%20with%20Brent%20Parrott%20and%20Bryan%20Renfro
The Holidays are a time establish great family traditions.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show 162%20with%20Anna%20Bauereis
When a parent loses a child, it is said to be the worst pain any parent can go through. How one deals with it can help them to heal or plummet into disappear.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show 161%20with%20Dawn%20D%20Milson
Spousal abuse is a traumatic experience that can be covered up and ignored by the abused and the family they live in.
Terry Braddock is a war veteran that tells his story in a unique way, not so much about the time he gave served the in the USA military, but how he became someone who grew up in a tough neighborhood and rose to great success. Rox Burkey is able to draw Terry’s story out and compel people to want to know more in this episode of the Indie Beacon Radio Show.
Shanalee Sharboneau interview half of the award-winning team Breakfield & Burkey. Rox Burkey talks about The Enigma Series, an eleven-set collection known as a Techno-Thriller. Rox talks about what inspired them to write the series, and the future of the Tech world through the books. Learn more in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio.
William Ledbetter is an award-winning author with dozens of short stories, novelas and books. In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, host B Alan Bourgeois interviews William and finds out what motivates William to write these stories of Sci-Fi.
Brian Sluga shares his love for writing poetry and his first novel with hostess Rox Burkey in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. Learn more about his poetry book and what else he is working on.
Can an old family recipe launch a new career? Can it send someone on a trip around the world? Learn how that happened to Chief J Stephen Sadler in this edition of the Indie Beacon Radio Show with hostess Shanalee Sharboneau
Squirl, a mobil discovery app for books has added something new to their system. We are happy to share this app and the interview we had with Jef Van der Avoort one of the co-founders for the app with you.
Sharon C Jenkins has been part of the creative community for several years. She began writing plays, books and is now an Author Coach. Learn more in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio as hostess Rox Burkey interviews Sharon
M Ward Leon used his creative background in the AD agency for many years before he wrote his first book. In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, host B Alan Bourgeois talks with Mr. Leon about his frustration at seeing how people took selfies after doing an animal trophy kill and why he flipped the tables in his new series.
Charlotte Canion interviews Sandy Lawrence of Perceptive Public Relations in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. Learn how Sandy got into PR and helping authors and the variety of programs and projects she is involved in that help promote authors.
Bill Poje has published one book currently. In this episode you will see his unique way of talking about his other books that he has written and will have published shortly. Bill also talks about his business concept of Corporation X in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio with host B Alan Bourgeois.
Rox Burkey interviews Marsha R West in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. Marsha talks about redemption and second chances which are key components of her four novels. Learn more about Marsha’s books, plus much more about her writing career.
Charlotte Canion has the pleasure of interviewing two authors in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. J D Covert and Annalisa Parent talk about the writing experience and how Annalisa helped JD go from a screenplay writer to a novelist. During the show you will learn about both of their books.
In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, Denise Bryson has the pleasure to interview Kate Newborn, author of ‘Mission Impossible’. A book that as Kate puts it, “is to motivate people to accomplish great things”. Learn how this military vet uses what she teaches in her everyday life as she helps motivate people.
What do you get in a land full of meat and bones? Michelle Muenzler talks about her book “The Hill of Meat” and her other quirky and strange short stories she has written over time in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio with host B Alan Bourgeois.
Autism takes on many forms. In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, Rox Burkey tackles this tough subject as she interviews Sarah Swindell as she talks about the worst aspect of Autism and how it can affect a family in a variety of ways.
It is always fun to find a new author and to talk with them about the challenges and the drive they face when creating their book.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show 145%20with%20Linda%20Hanna%20Lloyd
In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, Shanalee Sharboneau interviews Linda Hanna Lloyd about her book Syrian Peddler and the story behind her father’s immigration to the United States.
What do you get when you mix a little quirkiness and some romance? Patricia W Fischer’s books is what you get. In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, Charlotte Canion interviews a most interesting romance author.
Victor Alvarez wanted to be a New York City copy, but along the way life happened and he became a bounty hunter. In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, host B Alan Bourgeois finds out what happened to Victor and how his life was the fuel for his books.
B Alan Bourgeois has the pleasure of interviewing Mack Little about her sci-fi/fantasy books. Mack talks about her studies and how she came up with the characters and story line for her books. You can also learn more about Mack in our episode 126 of Indie Beacon Radio
In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, Rox Burkey interviews Mark Gottlieb is an agent for the Trident Media Group and ask him questions about being an agent and why authors should consider having an agent.
Award winning author Carlos Nicolas Flores is interviewed by Shanalee Sharboneau in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. Shanalee talks with Carlos about the life on the border and how it has helped him in writing his books.
Hostess Denise Bryson interviews author Denise Montgomery in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. Denise Montgomery talks about her new book “I Want To Go” a children’s book addressing the history of the Texas State Fair and the Colored Only day which was a form of segeration used in Texas until the late 60’s.
Dr. Ellie Phillips is a dentist with a vast array of experience. She focusses on the need of preventable tooth decay and how to go about it in a safe and reasonable manor. Hostess Charlotte Canion interviews Dr. Phillips as she explains some additional health issues that older generations are now facing due to poor mouth care, or what is perceived as proper mouth hygiene.
Rox Burkey interviews Joseph Carrabis in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. Joseph shares with Rox what started him writing and how he has created his characters and the wide range of books they appear in.
Rox Burkey is the hostess for this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. She interviews Abra Stevens who writes crime fiction stories.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 135%20with%20Mark%20Guillerman
In today’s episode of Indie Beacon Radio, Denise Bryson interviews Mark Guillerman and talks with him about his new book, and the other books he is working on for publication.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 134%20with%20Lindsey%20Backen
Lindsey Backen has published 3 books, with her 4th one coming out in 2019. Yet, she has ideas and working manuscripts for 20 more books she looks forward to writing.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 133%20with%20Dr.%20Mara%20Karpell
In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, our hostess Rox Burkey interview Dr. Mara Karpel to talk about her book “The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age” is a guide for all who want to live a more vital, joyful life!
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 132%20with%20Barb%20Drozdowich
B Alan Bourgeois interviews Barb Drozdowich an author with over 20 books designed to help Indie Authors with various stages of marketing their books
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 131%20Interviews%20at%20McKinney%20Book%20Festival
This is a special edition of the Indie Beacon Radio show. The interviews were conducted by Rox Burkey of just a small number of authors that attended the 2019 McKinney Book Festival.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 130%20with%20Anna%20Bauereis
Anna Bauereis lost her son Alexi to a car accident at a young age. Her story is one of tragedy, turned into courageousness.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 129%20with%20Chuck%20Walsh
In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio, Charlette Canion interviews Chuck Walsh who has written several mystery thrillers and historical fiction books. You will learn why Chuck uses certain parts of the country for his story settings and what motivated him to write his first book.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 128%20with%20Ernie%20Lee
Rox Burkey interviews on of her favorite authors, Ernie Lee in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. Ernie talks about how he created his thriller and the follow up to it. He also talks about what got him into writing poetry.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 127%20with%20Robert%20Levine
Shanalee Sharboneau interviews the dynamic author Robert Levine about his unique book Uniform Commerical Code Made Easy. Robert’s life is full of interesting aspects that he uses in this fiction book that helps people understand the code.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 126%20with%20Mack%20Little
B Alan Bourgeois has the pleasure of interviewing Mack Little the author of a fantasy vampire novel, “Progenie” the first in a series. She also talks about her travels for research and her other books she is working on.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 125%20with%20Caleb%20Pirtle
Caleb Pirtle III is an award-winning author with more then 50 books available. Enjoy this show as Rox Burkey talks with this influential author of our times in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 124%20with%20Lou%20Alpert
Shanalee Sharboneau enjoys interviewing Lou Alpert who talks about her book “A Love Letter to my Daughter” and the devastation that drug abuse has on a person and the family.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 123%20with%20Tyra%20Manning
In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio hostess Charlotte Canion interviews Dr. Tyra Manning about her two books. Tyra shares some personal aspects of what drove her to write the books and how she hopes to help others share their stories.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 122%20with%20Blaise%20Ramsay
Rox Burkey interviews Blaise Ramsay in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. Blaise talks about what got her started in writing and how she has grown as a writer and as a business professional with her business Fyresyde Publishing.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 121%20with%20Dawnie%20Dahir
Hostess Charlotte Canion interviews Dawnie Dahir in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio. Learn what started Dawnie on her speaking and writing career from a challenge and a whisper.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 120%20with%20Jim%20Mosquera
B Alan Bourgeois interviews Jim Mosquera in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 119%20with%20Kathie%20Giorgio
B Alan Bourgeois has the pleasure of interviewing a multi award winning author, Kathie Giorgio. During the interview Kathie talks about her books and about her writing programs through All Writers Workshop.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 118%20with%20Larry%20Morris
In this episode readers can learn the difference of what Hard Science vs a regular Sci-Fi book is. Larry Morris is an award-winning author of Hard Science Fiction novels.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 117%20with%20D%20W%20Bell
In this episode of Indie Beacon Radio B Alan Bourgeois interviews new author D W Bell about his novel The Revelator and his other projects in the works.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 115%20with%20Charlotte%20Canion
B Alan Bourgeois interviews award winning author Charlotte Canion about her new gardening book and her sequel to How To Partent Your Parents
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 114%20with%20C%20Marie%20Bowen
Connie (C. Marie) Bowen is an award-winning author of paranormal adventures laced with suspense and romance. She grew up in Denver, Colorado, and has a love of western history, science fiction, fantasy, and ghost stories.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 112%20with%20Patricia%20Taylor%20Wells
Patricia Taylor Wells published her first book in 2016: “Camp Tyler, A First of its Kind” for the benefit of Camp Tyler, the oldest outdoor education school in the country, which she attended as a child.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show %20 111%20with%20B%20Alan%20Bourgeois
B Alan Bourgeois is the director and founder of many organziations and events that support writers and pulished authors in the field of marketing their books.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show   110%20with%20Wendy%20Sura%20Thomson
Denise Bryson interviews Wendy Surs Thomson in this episode of the Indie Beacon Radio show. Wendy talks about her life experiences and how they shapped her novels.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show   109%20with%20Bill%20Thomas
Bill Thomas grew up in Austin, Texas but attended North Texas State University where he studied music and business. He graduated from University of Texas and played music in and around the Austin area. He just finished self-publishing the novella “The Three Souls.”
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show   108%20with%20Carol%20Rowland
Carol Rowland is the author of The Feline Park Inspector children's book series and other books starring Boo the Deaf Kitty.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show   107%20with%20B%20Alan%20Bourgeois
B Alan Bourgeois is the founder of several organizations that support Authors in a variety of ways. Rox Burkey interviews Alan for the latest information and programs that authors should know about to become more successful.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show   106%20with%20Cindy%20Lewis
Hello world, welcome to the imagination of Author Cindy Lewis. What an incredible year 2016 was, I landed four honorable mentions at not only Hollywood California in 2015, but rolled the next year in with Paris, London, and Amsterdam with my romantic comedy “Almost India”.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show   105%20with%20Jim%20Ziegler
Libros, #author, #books, #fiction, #indie, #indie+beacon+radio, #jim+ziegler, #marketing, #publishing, #reading, #shanalee, #sharboneau, #texas, #writing
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show   104%20with%20K%20Wendt
Rox Burkey interviews K Wendt in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio about K's children's books, fiction adult books and poetry. They also talk about K's desire to help other authors and singers break through their blocks to help them create great works.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show  103%20with%20Tricia%20Draper
Tricia Draper lives in Decatur, Texas with her loving husband, Marcus, and teenage son, Logan. She and Marcus got married on September 4, 1999, after a whirlwind romance. They have been happily raising their God given miracle, Logan, since June, 2000. They love to play games and have “pizza and a movie night” on Fridays with Tricia’s parents. God has truly blessed them.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show  102%20with%20James%20Garrison
Set in the Mekong Delta in 1970, QL 4 is based on my experiences there as an American military policeman. It is a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and crime among soldiers on the same side in an unpopular war. #vietnamwar; #militarypolice; #war; #blackmarket; #JamesGarrison-author.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show  101%20with%20Joy%20Don%20Baker%20&%20Terri%20Goodman
B Alan Bourgeois interviews this team of authors and talks about their book series on Nurses and their newest book "A B C's of Author Partnering" in this episode of Indie Beacon Radio.
/Indie%20Beacon%20Radio%20Show  99%20with%20Nick%20Paldino
Nick Paldino is a father of two, who currently resides in the DFW area with his family. He is an author, musician, personal trainer and former ballet dancer with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts.